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      5 grains and work from there. I'm getting ready to start reloading for a Model 94 30-30. 30-30 Winchester/. I've flipped through quite a few loading manuals and magazine articles, and have zeroed in on IMR 4064 and 4895, also Win 748, H 335, BLC2, and RL15. 30 Cal 150 gr RNFP Hard Lead Cast Bullets for Reloading. If I was forced to choose one load to use forever with the. 30-30 Winchester casing using a sabot. Chambering it in a T/C Contender changed all that. The standard factory loads for many years were a 150gn bullet at 2390fps and a 170gn at 2200fps. 308 and I see loads for all of these powders. Today, every major ammomaker produces loads for the. The larger.

      on 24hourcampfire there is a lot on loads for the 30-06. 30-30 with a 165grn RNFP cast bullet! I apologize for asking silly questions like this but, do Red Dot, Green Dot, Blue Dot, Bullseye, 2400, H4227 or unique pose a risk of Secondary Explosive Effect in very light loads?. First thing Y,all need to do is Slug the bores, variation is very great in the Krags. 30-06 rifle. eBook Editions. They can go as large as. bullet and Winchester 760 powder?. Nosler load data (I am using 168gr custom competition bullets) does not list a load for Varget beyond 150 but other manuals do. My favorites for. Is that target good enough? Yes that's really five (5) shots. 22-250 cases from.

      W-W 120 Primers used in all loads except where otherwise noted; R-P No. While still in its development phase, LT-30 was used to win numerous matches, even claiming a world record along the way. However, I think I can get a much more accurate hunting load if I use something with a higher ballistic coefficient. Get speed to over 4,000 feet per Second! No special dies needed. For example, choose a bullet, say the popular 168gn Ballistic Silvertip and a uniform load, preferably with a powder charge which fills the case. These loads will put you in good stead at the 600 yard line and any other target distances out to 1000 yards. 30-30s, but they are highly accurate at minimum velocities and are also suitable for mild '06 deer loads with 35 grs of 3031 or RL-7, which approximates. The 130-grainp Seer bullet has proven to be very accurate in a variety of 30-30, 30-30AI, 307 Winchester and 308 Marlin Express rifles. I've not found a need to branch out from these loads yet. 2 1/2 primers. This 180 load is a MAX load according to the manual, I haven't seen any signs of high pressure. Most will be. Unknown to me I need to expand the mouth on a bottle necked rifle case if I wish to use a lead bullet, so I have a Lee Universal Expanding Die on it's way. 30-30 loads and the accelerator load can be over 12" in height along with over 12" of windage adjustment. 30-30 reloading Discussion in 'The I'm just starting out reloading, myself.

      The Load" works well with jacketed bullets, giving somewhat lower velocities than with cast lead, due to less effective obturation and greater friction in the bore. Going with Ramshot TAC @ 30. The most popular powders for the. b Very Accurate 6mm Load. Accurate 5744 is an extremely fast burning, double-base, extruded powder. This manual linear positioning is made of stainless steel 440C with an electroless nickel plating coating. 30-30 turned into an acceptably accurate for moderate range varmint rifle. All that said, the wealth of factory loads available for the.

      While far from comprehensive, these 5 basic steps and considerations will get you started in the right direction for accurate loads at the bench, or out in the field. Accuracy of factory loads and handloads with those two bullets were basically. for the 165 gr. For 35 years my Ruger Model 77 chambered in. 310" 5744 should be the powder of choice, I would say a starting load of 17 gr. You can use most rifle powders from IMR 3031, W748, Accurate XMP5744, and so on! I'm not gonna say it is better than the 38-55. 32 Special and the. light loads for. 0 grs to give reliability in the field. 30-30 loads that are milder in recoil than the norm, provided that these loads have enough range and power to be truly useful for hunting. Tell us about your favorite loads and experience with your.

      In Defense of the 30-30 Winchester A pre-64 Model 94, a post-64 Model 94 and a Rossi 92, Top to Bottom With the turn of another century well behind us, the development of rifles and cartridges continues with the trend toward bigger, hotter, and flatter shooting rounds. We shot groups from 1. I have found on medium game that the 150gr is the quickest killer with chest shot placement. 2 grs IMR 4064, Federal 210M primer, Remington case, 150 Sierra Pro Hunter, OAL 3. H450, an older, discontinued powder would fit the description and the charge weight, but the factory powder is likely a Winchester (Hodgdon manufactured) powder not available to us over the counter. I have loaded some plated bullets at about 1550 fps and got unacceptable accuracy50 yards, 3 inch group. Bullets included Remington’s Core-Lokt, Winchester’s Silvertip and Power-Point, Federal’s Power Shok, and Hornady’s Interlock. 309 about 173grs ignited by Rem. If you would like to submit a story related to shooting, hunting, or handloading, we would like to read it. I have used this load successfully for 308 Winchester, 303 British, and 30-30 Winchester. 308 and I see loads for all of these powders.

      Carefully assembled reloads fired from a tuned and scoped rifle will help to realize the. Velocity should run about 950fps. 30-30 and quick follow up shots are very manageable. So I am thinking of reloading 30-30. Hello all, I would like to work up some accurate 30-30 loads for an early vintage H&R Handi-Rifle with a 22" barrel for a back up deer rifle. 30-30 Ackley Improved (T/C Contender Super 14) Data -----. 32 Special and the. very light 30-06 loads with powder i have. There is no one best.

      The most popular powders for the. If you think the title is oxymoronic, wait till you hear some of the loads. Accuracy of factory loads and handloads with those two bullets were basically. 30/30 Loads for Marlin 336. 308 A while back I kinda wondered roughly the same thing. My favorites for. We didn’t test port pressures with the 150 grain, but with the 168 grain they were running about 8350 PSI, so I estimate the 150 max load around 9000-9200 PSI. I would now suggest trying SR4759 with a RCBS 165 CB. I tried 37 grains of Varget, which put me around 2660 fps with decent. 06 or is there better (perhaps cleaner) powders out there to load hunting / shooting rounds. So the previous owner of the rifle used a set of RCBS dies to form. 62×63mm in metric notation, and "30 Gov't 06" by Winchester[1] was introduced to the United States Army in 1906 and standardized, and was in. - Most accurate 30-06 factory rifle bolt gun out of the box under $750? But it was the third chambering that garnered the most attention: the new. The use of FMJ.

      81 Results, Displaying Per Page:. 5 inch groups at 100yards on a fairly stable bench with props from my 700 BDL Remington) without any failures. 30-30 but might work out just fine. A weird niche powder but it's fun stuff. To view this Reloading Guide in a PDF format, click the red button below. 62x39 reloading dies. An Easy and Accurate Ackley Type 6. Most 30-30s are more accurate with a heavy crimp, and it seems like a good idea when using a tubular magazine. I've been using 70 gr of 2F in my 3 band Potsdam & 1842, but find that load leaves a lot of unburned powder exiting with the ball when used in my wifes Macon conversion having a 30 inch barrel. American Hunter | America's Best Deer Cartridge:. 30-06 rifles have 1:10" twist as does the Marlin 336. The 130-grainp Seer bullet has proven to be very accurate in a variety of 30-30, 30-30AI, 307 Winchester and 308 Marlin Express rifles. 30-30! Have many deer have you taken with it?. 95, the M722 was inexpensive.

      30/30 will drive a cast bullet at velocities a little faster than factory loads, and with excellent accuracy. I'm thinking there a little heavy. The advantage that the. The leverevoltion powder does well with conventional round nose bullets in lever action from my tests and I plan on ordering a box of Sierra 30-30 bullets in the 170 and 150 gr. A number of my loading manuals show max 30-06 loads in the 55,000psi to 57,000psi range. Nosler manual has 50gr. I was shooting a 1'x2' gong at 500 meters with SR4759 and 120 Hornady HP's. It is a shooter. Burn Rate Chartburn Rate Chart - Accurate Powder. 30-30 Contender (actually not sure if I ever chronographed in it that barrel) but it'll put 5 shots into a 1" group at 100 yards from the bench with great regularity. However, Wally World is 26+ miles away and I'm on foot or horse back. 30-30 VARMINT LOADS. Edit: Don't be afraid to load it hotLVR was designed specifically for getting a 30-30 up to 2500fps while running at the same pressures that you get out of the more traditional 30-30 powders. 5 grains and work from there.